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Please review our Membership Approval Process.

We request personal information from applicants for membership, in order to determine their eligibility to join. By submitting your personal data and applying for NCSG membership, you are consenting to this initial processing. Upon approval of your membership, we will add you to our NCSG membership mailing list as well as any of the constituencies of your choice. You may withdraw from the mailing list(s) at any time, but this may result in your membership becoming dormant should you fail to follow NCSG activities independently, i.e. by reading the archives. Full details of what your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information entails are provided in our privacy policy.
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Note: This question does not require the you identify specific funding sources but generally describe whether you receive funding from individuals, private or public grants, corporate sponsorship, sales of goods or services or any other sources or any combination thereof.
Section 2.2.3 of the NCSG Charter defines large organizations and small organizations: "a. Organizations that have more than 50 employees, or are membership organizations with more than 500 individual members, shall be classified as “large organizations”. b. Organizations that are composed of 10 or more organizational members that qualify as “large” under criterion (a.) above shall be classified as “large organizations”. c. Organizations that do not qualify as large organizations shall be classified as “small organizations”. Please select one classification.
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